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The Company

1964 was a milestone for the Maltese road construction. It was the year which saw the setting up of Bitmac Limited by the purchase of a new hot asphalt batching plant capable of producing 30 tons per hour, together with the necessary paving and compacting machinery.
This brought about the advent of Hot Asphalt on the Maltese public roads. Since that time Bitmac Limited have been the pioneers of road construction in Malta and have grown and progressed with the times.
Batching Plants
In order to keep astride with the times Bitmac Limited installed a new ‘Marini’ 70 ton per hour batching plant in 1974. Demand increased and in 1987, it was decided to once again upgrade our equipment. This time an even larger plant a ‘Goodwin Barsby’ was installed.
Today our modern hot asphalt batching plant is capable of producing a maximum of 200 tons an hour. This hot material is laid and compacted by the most modern machinery operated by an experienced staff.
New Technologies
In 1976 Bitmac started to produce rapid breaking bituminous emulsions to the roads departments’ requirements, i.e. to British Standard Specifications. To-day we can produce any bituminous emulsion a client may wish for. An important development was the production of anionic stable bituminous emulsions, which in turn enable the production of bituminous cold paving mixes.
In 1991 we introduced the first much needed road milling machine or scarifyer to Malta. This amongst other things allowed us to obtain a stepless joint and hence improve the finish of our roads.
Another innovation to Malta was the purchase of a slip form paver in 1994, which introduced the manufacture of concrete Kerbs and gutters in situ to an unprecedented finish and strength.
Throughout all this time we have continually invested heavily in the upgrading of our machinery.
In the year 1993, we upgraded our existing laboratory to a state of art computerized one complete for the testing of bituminous materials
Bitumen Storage Tanks
1994 was a year which revolutionised the way bitumen was imported in Malta. Prior to this date bitumen used to be imported in 200 litre drums. This all changed when 15 x 100 tons storage tanks were constructed and bitumen was imported in hot liquid form in small ships of approximately 1,000 tons. Today we have a storage capacity of aproximately 4,200 tons.
Various Works
A few of the more prestigious works carried out by Bitmac Ltd, worth mentioning are, the construction of roads and re-surfacing with hot asphalt at the New Delimara Power Station, the Lowenbrau Brewery, the Coastline Hotel, the National running track, and works at the Airport.

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