Smooth Surface

Bonus XPS is a rigid polystyrene-based (extruded polystyrene – XPS) board, one of the leading thermal insulation brands with high compression strength.

XPS Features

  • Thermal conductivity coefficient is lower than other thermal insulation materials
  • It has a closed cell structure.
  • Thanks to its low water absorption feature, it has a continuous and non-decreasing thermal conductivity value.
  • Its thickness does not decrease over time thanks to its high compressive strength and bending strength. We stock the 300 kPa but it could be ordered in 100-700 kPa.
  • It has high freeze-thaw resistance even in water.
  • It has a high modulus of elasticity and dimensional stability.
  • Optimum vapor diffusion resistance.
  • It can be used for recycling without mixing with other plastics.

XPS Usage Areas

The usage area of Bonus Platin XPS thermal insulation boards is quite wide.

  • Roofs
  • Terraces
  • Basements
  • Underfloor heating
  • In between double layer walls
  • Pools

Size (m)


Thickness (mm)

30, 50, 80, other thicknesses available by order

Item reference

XPS30, XPS50, XPS80