It is an high quality bonded anchor based on polyester resin, suited for a reliable fixing with high performances.
It is designed for use on main construction materials, granting high loading values.


  • Water impermeable joint.
  • No expansion effect, allowing fixing close to the edges.
  • It does not modify the external appearance of the support.
  • Also suitable as repair resin or adhesive resin for concrete components.

On solid supports, used with galvanized steel, stainless steel accessories.

On semisolid supports, used with plastic or steel perforated sleeve.


It is suited for fixing medium and heavy loads on solid and hollow supports: stone, concrete, aerated concrete, solid and hollow bricks.

It is indicated for application of wood and metal carpentry, for fixing of facades, railings, grills, sanitary fittings, pipe connections, and for fixing of hinges within wood and aluminium doors and frames sector.


  • For use with special application gun or silicone gun and static mixer.
  • Application temperature from +5 up to +35 °C.
  • Storage temperature from +5 ° C up to max +25° C.
  • Storage life from production date: 18 months (410 ml cartridges); 12 months (300 ml cartridges).


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