In order to drill a hole in the wall and not clog the house with dust, a vacuum cleaner and two people are usually needed. One drills, the other holds the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. But what if there is no one to call for help? The MECHANIC Home DUSTER dust collector will solve this problem.

The vacuum of the vacuum cleaner, thanks to the rubber seals, will securely fix the collector at the drilling point.

The mirror guide of the collector will provide a right angle in all planes, it is enough just to align the axes of the drill with its reflection.

The landing mount of the collector, for dust removal, is made of elastic rubber and is designed for a dust extraction pipe from 32 to 39 mm.

Mechanic HomeDuster is able to collect not only fine dust, but also large particles.

Nozzle Advantage:
– reliable vacuum fixation
– mirror guide, precise drilling at 90 degrees
– effective removal of dust and large particles
– wide range of drilling diameters up to 20 mm

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