Dust is one of the biggest difficulties and inconveniences that arise during construction work or renovation. 

Dust adversely affects the respiratory tract, makes it difficult to see, creates a large amount of cleaning. 

A significant amount of dust is generated during drilling.

An effective solution for dust control when drilling holes is the Drill DUSTER 82 version 2 dust collector.

Due to the soft seal and low weight, the collector is securely fixed to various surfaces: concrete wall, brickwork, tile.

The new version uses durable flexible plastic, which significantly increases the service life of the product. 

The collector is not afraid of falling from a height, shock, increased loads.

A centering stop has been introduced, which helps to drill into the surface faster.

The height of the shoulder allows it to be used not only for drilling holes with a drill, but also for common drilling of ceramics with an angle grinder.

The maximum drilling diameter is 82 mm.


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