Chemical basis: Moisture curing polyurethane prepolymer

Colour: Yellow

Moulded density: 25 kg/m³

Conditions for moulded density: in accordance with DIN EN ISO 845 (average)

Tack-free after: 10 min

Can be cut after: 40 min

Final spreading possible after: 2 h

Full resilience: 12 h

Min. processing temperature: 5 °C

Max. processing temperature: 30 °C

Min. surface processing temperature: 5 °C

Max. surface processing temperature: 35 °C

Min. temperature resistance: -40 °C

Max. temperature resistance: 90 °C

Building material class: B3 – Of high flammability

Heat conductance λ: 0.032 W/(m*K) in accordance with DIN 52612

Compression strength: 0.3 N/mm²

Compression strength conditions: in accordance with DIN 53421

Ultraviolet resistance: No

Breaking elongation: 25 % in accordance with DIN 53571

Flexural strength: 0.7 N/mm² in accordance with DIN 53423

Shear strength: 0.17 N/mm² in accordance with DIN 53427

Yield (volume) approx.: 40 l

Weight of content: 735 g

Shelf life from production: 12 Month at 20°C


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