Dimensions in cm: 110 x 76 – H= 153
– Useful weight 33 kg
– Max. operating height on ceiling (horizontal): 4,00 m
– Max. operating height on wall (vertical): 4,50 m
– Max. applicable load: 50 Kg
– Max. no. of positionable drywall panels: 1
The loading top for the drywall panel is equipped with panel stoppage pins placed on the four corners. These pins are retractable and enable a “perfectly flush” and “mechanical” approach of the panel on the ceiling, without having to push and fix the panel by hand before screwing it in. Simple, easy to handle and use, ideal for lifting and installing drywall panels on flat and tilted false ceilings. You can elongate, tilt, assemble and dismantle it quickly. Assembled, it passes through all standard doors. Dismantled, it can be conveniently stored in a car boot. It can be loaded and operated by one person. Spare parts upon request.
SAFETY LOCKING SYSTEM Additional safety against the panel lifter accidentally falling, during the elevation phase or in stand-by at maximum height. CE certified product.


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