High Performance Damp Proof Course

Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Damp Proof Course (DPC) is a black, flexible 0.8mm co-polymer thermoplastic (CPT) damp proof course and cavity tray system. It is manufactured from a mixture of thermoplastic polymers and additives including elastomers. The product does not conform to BS6515:1984.

Features & benefits

  • BBA certified – third party accreditation
  • Assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3 – conforms to NHBC requirements and suitable for NHBC sites
  • Flexible cavity tray system – easy to detail and install on site
  • Gas resistant – part of the Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane system to provide gas protection to NHBC Amber 1
  • Multi functional – also acts as a radon resistant damp proof course and can be used in conjunction with the Visqueen Radon membranes to provide radon protection
  • Excellent tear resistance – robust and resistant to on site damage
Width (mm)

175, 228, 450

Length (m)


Item reference

4907-ZEDEX7, 4905-ZEDEX9, 4908-ZEDEX18