Quality has always been of utmost importance for the Bitmac Group of Companies

The verification, testing and inspection of materials are not only vital for compliance with rigid specifications typical of the industry, but also to ensure the safety of structures and constructions, in which materials are eventually used.

The Bitmac Group of Companies meets this challenge head-on by housing a fully-fledged and fully-equipped in-house laboratory to carry out tests of construction materials and to oversee the quality of all of ABB Ltd’s productions.

The laboratory is manned by highly-qualified engineers, chemists and technicians with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. All the in-house laboratory processes that are set up to test our own materials and products, are backed by rigorous documentation that is needed to ensure the best quality Asphalt, Concrete and Bituminous Emulsions.

Ensuring that all raw materials and manufactured products are of consistent excellent quality is vital, so all our in-house laboratory analysis are efficient, streamlined and carried out according to strict professional standards such as MSA, EN and BS standards.

Among other things our laboratory tests and evaluates the following:
– Testing of bitumen
– Testing of bituminous emulsions and in-house production of waterproofing materials
– Testing of physical and mechanical properties of stone and stone aggregate
– Quality testing of asphalt mixes
– Fundamental mechanical characteristics testing of asphalt mixtures
– Internal quality control on the asphalt plant
– Testing of physical and mechanical characteristics of non-hardened (fresh) and hardened concrete
– DELTABLOC® production quality control. This is a vehicle resistant system from precast concrete elements, double sided safety barriers. This product comes with a CE marking. (Road restraint systems – Part 5: Product requirements and evaluation of conformity for vehicle restraint systems; German version EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012)