Technical Support

With our long experience sourcing, manufacturing and selling building, and finishing materials, we are in a great position to understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and their project.

Our industry is constantly and very quickly evolving so we make sure to learn from every project and collate all this experience to offer clients the best products, cost-effective solutions and the most effective techniques. Whether it’s advice on humidity-control plasters, building insulation, paints, or anything to do with our areas of expertise, we’re here to help. Our brands’ health, depends very heavily on our products being correctly installed, so we gladly lend our professional advice and practical support. We do this firstly by, making it as easy as possible to access technical information about our products, and secondly by, encouraging customers to contact us with any queries. We prefer to be proactive, giving advice prior to the initiation of a project but we also make sure to offer an efficient after sales service. The mission of our support team is to always offer reliable, consistent and accurate guidance.